Atlanta Pest Control

Atlanta is known to be a major transportation hub for rail freight in the nation's Southeast and has been since the 19th century. Take a leap into the 21st century, and you will encounter a lively city that offers an eclectic mix of things to do and see. Atlanta is recognized for its dining scene that includes all varieties of ethnic restaurants as well as classic Southern eateries that serve modern renditions of comfort food. Atlanta was also the home of Margaret Mitchell, who helped to highlight the city's central role in the American Civil War through her famous novel Gone With the Wind. 

Despite the fact that Atlantans like to spend a lot of time outdoors at parks and concert venues such as Piedmont Park and the Chastain Park Amphitheatre, they wage an unending war against summertime pests that practically eclipses the city’s Civil War contributions of yesteryear. Atlanta residents commonly take aim at termites and mosquitoes to secure their dwellings and make their outdoor living spaces more enjoyable. 

Atlanta Homes and Businesses Under Siege by Termites

termites 4The Eastern Subterranean termite is one of the most formidable foes that Atlanta property owners encounter. Their colonies can have up to five million members and many of the termites have the ability to gather food for the collective 24 hours per day. Because they feed on wood and wood products, this equates to big trouble for many homes and businesses in Atlanta. Termites prefer moist areas in which to reside and forage for food, and the city's climate provides a conducive environment for the proliferation of termites. As its name implies, the Eastern Subterranean termite lives underground. Homes that have wooden siding and frames that are close to the ground are ideal targets for hungry termite hordes. Depending on the number of colonies that have taken up residence around a home or business, termites can cause serious structural damage to properties in less than a year's time. Noticing insects that look like flying ants, small mud-like tubes around wood surfaces and tiny wings that have been shed are good indications that termites are hard at work destroying your valuable real estate investment. 

Taking Aim at Tactical Aerial Maneuvers of Local Mosquito Populations

Atlanta gets about 50 inches of rainfall per year, which is markedly reflected in its lush greenery and huge shade trees. The city's air feels and smells incredible right after heavy rains, but it doesn't take long for the dreaded mosquito, which is the archenemy of backyard barbecues and evening get-togethers on wrap-around porches, to make its appearance. Just like Atlantans, mosquitoes tend to stay in shaded areas during the heat of the day. They come out in full force during the cooler evening and morning hours. They are so relentless that when Atlantans slap them and miss, it almost seems as if the mosquitoes could slap them back. Besides being extremely annoying, mosquitoes are also known to carry pathogens such as parasites that cause diseases like malaria. 

When Atlantans want to win the war on pests, they call Skyline Pest Solutions. The experts at Skyline evaluate individual pest issues and offer customized solutions that include elimination of current populations and prevention of recurring infestations. If you are concerned that termites and mosquitoes have invaded your space, give Skyline Pest Solutions a call for a free quote on its pest control services.