Beaver removal experts

Beavers are the largest rodent in North America. They are primarily nocturnal (active at night). They generally mate in late winter and have a litter ranging from 2-5 with a gestation period of 2-3 months. The offspring will stay in their home range for 2 years before moving on to establish their own family. Beavers will generally live in groups up to 8 or more and will chew down trees and twigs, and bring them back to the home den to store for feeding. They are extreme engineers, and will build dams in many different situations to make a pond. They build a lodge within this pond, in which they live. They will also build canals in order to travel and transport wood. One of the main problems beavers cause, is that they flood areas with their dams and compromise existing pond banks or protective barriers. They can cause a number of other problems such as, chewing down ornamentals and landscaping, flooding of property, and flooding of roadways. If left undisturbed, beavers can change entire ecosystems to suit them. They need to trapped and removed from the property.