Bird Control

While many people enjoy birds and even put feeders out to attract them, there are several species of birds that can prove to be a huge nuisance to the residents and business owners in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. While there are several methods that may be used to solve bird-related problems, it's important to remember that some species of birds are protected by state or federal laws. It's best to contact a professional to ensure that your bird problem is dealt with in the proper manner.

Common Nuisance Birds

Pigeons, Starlings and Sparrows: Each of these birds may constitute a nuisance because they tend to roost on ledges in large numbers and leave a tremendous amount of droppings behind. The uric acid contained in the bird droppings can cause serious structural problems, and it has been known to damage roofs, wires and even steel beams. Fires have also been blamed on the nesting habits of these birds.

Additionally, bird droppings are associated with some 40 diseases, and your health can be compromised if the droppings get into your food or are inhaled through air-borne spores. This could leave you vulnerable to such serious conditions as salmonella, typhoid, tuberculosis and encephalitis. These birds typically become a nuisance at commercial locations, and we offer exclusion solutions that can deny them access to your facility.

Canada Geese: This type of bird often presents a problem to such businesses as golf courses because they roost on the ground and leave a lot of droppings behind. We can apply a specific repellent product that will keep them away.

Chimney Swifts: Those who reside in homes that have brick or old-masonry style fireplaces may have issues with this type of bird because they like to attach their net-like mud nests to the inside walls of your home's chimney. Many homeowners mistake these birds for bats, but you can suspect the chimney swift when you hear their high-pitched screech. Because these birds are protected by federal laws, it's illegal to remove them while they are nesting. Fortunately, the eggs hatch in about six weeks, and the birds leave quickly thereafter. As soon as they vacate the chimney, we can cap it so that they will be unable to return.

Woodpeckers and Nuthatches: Homeowners may be invaded by these birds at any time of the year. They turn up in the spring and summer for the purposes of nesting, and they come looking for protection from the weather in the fall and winter. These birds are naturally attracted to wood-sided homes, but they also like to peck gutters, chimney caps and hard metal surfaces as a way to communicate with each other. We offer a long-term solution to keeping these birds away by repairing their nesting holes and other damaged areas before applying a chemical product that repels the birds and prevents them from returning.

Let Skyline Deal With Your Bird Issues

Here at Skyline Pest Solutions, we understand the problems that nuisance birds can bring to the Atlanta area, and our well-trained technicians are prepared to take care of any problem. If you are having any difficulties with these birds or any others, then please feel free to contact us today. Our friendly staff members are available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.