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5 Tips To Prevent Pests From Entering Your Home

American RoachWhile many unwanted insects can thrive in huge numbers in a sunny, humid climate like Atlanta's, the most important step to fighting them off is to safeguard your home from an ant or cockroach infestation in the first place. Using the following five preventative measures, you can successfully deter these uninvited guests from "breaking in" and taking over your household:

1. Prevent a cockroach outbreak by planting chrysanthemums around your doors and windows. These orange and yellow flowers contain pyrethrum, which is a natural insecticide that requires careful handling when concentrated into an insecticide solution. While it won't hurt you in its natural state, the fragrance of chrysanthemums around your home's entryways will help deter roaches from coming inside.

2. Cockroaches are most active at night, and they love to eat and drink from a cat or dog's food bowls. Therefore, always move and clean your pet's food bowls at night before bed so that they don't lie around by the doggy door as an open invitation for roaches to feast on.

3. Both cockroaches and ants can easily sneak into your property through the smallest cracks, so take the time to thoroughly seal any gaps in your floors or outside foundation, especially around the kitchen and bathrooms.

4. Cut down your local ant population in your yard by growing carnivorous pitcher plants. These beautifully exotic plants have brightly colored tops that imitate a flower, kind of like a hibiscus. However, their fragrance and nectar inside their large, pitcher-shaped leaf lures and traps ants inside, killing and ingesting them whole. They grow well around Atlanta due to the naturally humid climate here.

5. To further scare ants away from the main entrances to your lovely abode, put fresh lemon juice into a spray bottle in the concentration of three parts lemon juice to one part water. Sweep and wipe down all the cracks around your windows, doors or unfinished paneling near your home's foundation. Then spray these areas with the lemon juice to destroy any traces of ant trails and repel them from coming in.

These preventative measures will definitely help, but they may not entirely get rid of an existing infestation if these pests have already invaded your house, particularly in places you can't see. If you need help eliminating your cockroach or ant problem for good, then contact Skyline for professional pest control solutions like perimeter protection today.

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