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Removing Bats From Your Attic

Significant restrictions apply to bat removal during May-August mating season

An important milestone is quickly approaching for Atlanta homeowners who have bats in attics or in damaged rooflines that could allow bats to enter the home. Beginning May 1, there are significant restrictions on whether bats can be removed from homes during their protected mating season, which lasts until August 15.

“Bats are protected in Georgia, meaning that you’re not allowed to kill them or disrupt female colonies during the designated breeding season,” said Stewart Cloud, Director of Wildlife Services at Skyline Pest Solutions, a leading provider of wildlife exclusion, pest control and termite control services. “These colonies can grow very large and can have as many as 100 bats in one area.”

If not addressed, bat infestations can cause property damage and health problems for people in the home. If bat droppings and urine are not removed in a timely manner, the accumulation can result in damage to insulation and sheet rock, which can be costly to repair. In the most serious cases, it can cause major structural damage.

Furthermore, bat droppings can cause a number of health concerns. The most serious is histoplasmosis, a potentially life-threatening infection contracted by breathing in the spores of a fungus found in droppings.

Homeowners should look for signs of a bat infestation on the exterior of their home to ensure they have time to remove bats before May 1. Warning signs include droppings coming out of attic vents – where bats typically roost – and wood discoloration from the oil on their skin. Homeowners may also hear faint scratching noises coming from their attic, or smell the pungent aroma of bat feces.

“If the bats get into the main living space of the house, we can get a special permit to remove them; however, the attic space does not qualify under this exception,” Cloud said. “If a homeowner suspects that bats have taken residence in their attic, they need to take action now.”

Pest control companies may also get a special permit for removal if they can prove there are no baby bats present.

Prevention is also important, particularly during the protected mating season. To ensure that bats cannot enter the home, homeowners should inspect rooflines and seal any entry points larger than three-eighths of an inch, as this is all the space bats need to enter the home.

Building a bat house for your property is also a good way to deter bats from entering the home.

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