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Fire ant control is safer when a professional handles it

Getting ants out of your house can be an easy fix, but fire ants require a different approach. Fire ants are more aggressive than your average ant, and won’t hesitate to sting you if they feel threatened.

The mound is the easiest way to identify fire ants. The shape may vary – older colonies will have built taller mounds and brand-new mounds will look like loose soil – but if the mound is close to your house, it mostly likely has fire ants. b2ap3_thumbnail_Fire-ants2.jpg 

Check your foundation after it rains for dirt that looks loose and turned over. If the rain washes a fire ant colony downhill, the ants will start a new mound wherever they land.

Call a qualified pest control company immediately if you suspect there’s a fire ant mound near your house, and stay away from it. Thousands of fire ants may be living in the colony and will attack if they think you’re threatening the nest. Fire ant stings are painful and may trigger severe allergic reactions. b2ap3_thumbnail_Fire-ants4.jpg

The most common place to find fire ants inside your home is underneath dirty laundry. Fire ants eat proteins, like sweat left on dirty clothes. You’ll know if they’re fire ants by their movement; fire ants will scatter if you uncover them, and do not trail in a straight line like most other ants.

It can be more effective to call a qualified pest control company to treat fire ants, rather than trying to do it yourself. A trained professional will know which baits work best and where to apply them.

Treatments should be applied 12 inches away from the mound so the ants will mistake the bait for food and take it back to the colony. It’s best for a pest control professional to apply the treatment because being that close to a mound can be dangerous.

If you would like more information about fire ant control, please contact Skyline Pest Solutions at 770-844-6440.

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