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Keep Cockroaches and Sickness Out of Your Home


We’re approaching the time of year when the weather alternates between frequent storms and high temperatures, and you may start seeing more unwelcome visitors in your home. Smokybrown cockroaches prefer to live in trees and can fly, but sometimes the weather can displace them.

Storms can easily blow cockroaches out of a tree and into your home, usually through the gaps between house siding and shingles. Cockroaches may use cracks in crawl spaces, doors or windows to find shelter from rain or wind. These same entry points are used when cockroaches are searching for water on hot days or warmth during the winter.

It doesn’t matter how or why cockroaches enter your home: it’s a problem you don’t want. Smokybrown cockroaches are scavengers and eat decaying matter, which is covered in bacteria. If they bring this bacteria into your home, leaving it on dishes or food, you may get sick.

Prevent cockroaches from getting inside by sealing the entry points. A good trick for checking the weather stripping on doors, windows and garage doors is to inspect those areas with lights off inside while it’s bright outside. If you can see daylight shining through, there is enough room for cockroaches and other pests to get in your house.

Yard and exterior home maintenance is another good way to keep cockroaches outside. They find their food in moist places, like mulch, dead leaves or overgrown bushes. Cleaning the gutters, trimming shrubbery and keeping pine straw and mulch at least ten inches away from your foundation will reduce the cockroach population living close to your house and decrease the risk of them finding a way inside.

If you have a cockroach problem, the best way to resolve it is by using a combination of preventative treatments and baits.

Store-bought pesticides can help, but only if you use them correctly. The most common mistakes are putting baits in the wrong places, not reading the label and using an expired pesticide.

Hiring a pest control company may be your most efficient option. A qualified pest control technician will have the training to identify a Smokybrown cockroach’s natural habitat and feeding grounds, and apply preventative treatments outside of your home. A pest control professional can place bait in the inside areas of your home where cockroaches usually hide, instead of applying a broad application to the entire house. Baits applied inside your home are placed in areas inaccessible to you and your pets.

If you would like more information about cockroach control, please contact Skyline Pest Solutions at 770-844-6440.

Photo courtesy of One Way Pest Control.

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