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How To Keep Your Home Termite Free

termite subterraneanAs of 2016, termites cost homeowners more than $5 billion worth of property damage annually. For most of these homes, the damage wouldn't have been as severe or even have occurred if the property owners had recognized the importance of termite inspections and preventative treatment. To prevent your home or property from ending up in this destructive situation, you need to be aware. The following information explains why termite inspections are important, in addition to why preventative treatment is needed.

For property owners/buyers, termite inspections are important for numerous reasons. For one, getting the area inspected can let you know whether there are termites before you purchase the property. All properties should be inspected to assess whether there is an infestation, whether it was infested prior to your purchase, and if the property is at a high risk of becoming infested. You don't want to be stuck with a high bill of repairs, or end up paying more for the property than it was worth on a new home. If possible, request a termite inspection as part of the purchase deal.

If you already own your home and it was termite-free when it was purchased, annual inspections are still important. Property is the largest single purchase that many Americans make. A termite infestation is hard to spot at times. If an infestation was overlooked during the last inspection, the termites could be increasing, in return causing damage that you didn't even realize was there. This is why inspections are crucial. Spending a few hundred dollars to avoid damaging your largest asset is worth the cost. Inspections and preventative treatment are also important because termites can affect the home's value. If you ever have to take a loan out or sell your property, finding buyers and loaners are easier when your property has recently been deemed termite-free. This makes it less of a financial worry for both parties.

Termites eat at wood 24 hours a day 365 days a year, causing damage to rapidly occur. If you feel termites are affecting your property or if you want to prevent infestation, Skyline Pest Solution has recommendations for preventing termites, can identify active infestations, provide solutions for treating termites or offer treatments for preventative care. If you want to arrange an appointment or need more information pertaining to prevention methods and treatments, please contact us.

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