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Remove squirrels now to prevent a long-term problem

Remove squirrels now to prevent a long-term problem

 Fall marks the beginning of peak squirrel breeding season, and Skyline Pest Solutions is already getting a lot of calls for attic inspections and squirrel removal.squirrel web 300x300 100x100

Like most rodents, squirrels have a strong homing instinct and when they breed, they tend to return to where they were born. Squirrels can have two litters every breeding season – which generally runs from September to May – with two to six babies per litter. And you can expect that at least one of those babies will try to return to your attic to start its own family next year.

The best way to resolve a squirrel problem is to stop them before they get in your attic by sealing entry points and reinforcing vulnerable areas with metal materials. The most common entrance for squirrels is the space between the roof decking and fascia, also known as a “builder’s gap” or “construction gap.” Check the outside of your home regularly for any gaps or holes that need to be repaired.

 However, it may not be enough to repair just a gap or hole; you also need to completely exclude your home--seal or reinforce all surrounding areas with metal to prevent the squirrels from creating new entry points. If a squirrel chews a hole in your roofline and you only repair that spot, the squirrel may simply chew a new hole nearby unless you seal or exclude the entire area.

 Once squirrel gains access to your attic, she will begin making a nest. You may hear scratching, chewing or rolling as the squirrel brings in acorns and nuts, and moves insulation around to make a home.

 If you hear noises during the daytime, there are most likely gray squirrels in your attic. Nighttime noises are made by flying squirrels, which are smaller than gray squirrels and only need a gap half an inch wide to enter. But both types of squirrels should be removed before they start chewing on wood, pipes, ductwork, and wires.

 Call a qualified wildlife specialist if you notice entry points that need to be repaired, or suspect there’s a squirrel in your attic. Squirrels will normally run and hide from humans, but they may become aggressive if they think you are threatening the nest.

 Skyline’s Wildlife Specialists will live-trap and relocate any squirrels living in your attic, seal any entry points to keep them from returning and clean up any mess the squirrels have made.

 If you would like more information about squirrel removal and exclusion, please contact Skyline Pest Solutions at 770-844-6440.

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