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Silverfish & Spiders

Silverfish gets its name because of its silvery-blue to black color and because of the way it moves: it has a very fluid movement making it look like it is swimming. Silverfish are notorious to feed on books and photo albums. They feed on the glue in the bindings and the sticky photo album pages. They generally prefer dark areas but can be seen almost anywhere inside including basements, attics, kitchens and bathrooms. 


Silverfish, prevalent in the fall, are nocturnal and move and reproduce very quickly. They are secretive, and the severity of an infestation may go unnoticed for long periods of time, allowing for exponential growth.

Spiders are also common fall pests.  Though they are generally good to have around, as they help minimize the population of harmful insects, the problem arises when they negatively affect humans. The mere sight of a spider can be a real scare for some people. Aside from that, many spiders do bite humans and are poisonous, so it is a good idea to have a pest control company address your spider infestation. 

Several spiders pose a serious threat to humans. The two that are the deadliest to humans in the United States are the black widow and the brown recluse, both of which can be found in Georgia. 

Black Widow

The black widow spider, which we have seen a higher than normal number this season, can be easily recognized because she is black with a red hourglass on the underside of her abdomen. The male is considerably smaller than the female, and has a body up to half an inch long.


Brown Recluse

The brown recluse spider has a darker brown hourglass on its back. The brown recluse loves to be indoors and generally stays out of sight. It may never be seen until you startle it by reaching into a dark spot where it is hiding. Then it will bite. 



If you have noticed spiders or silverfish in your home, contact Skyline today. We have the most effective, safest way to control the problems, and make recommendations about keeping them away in the future.

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