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Snakes can be warning signs of a bigger problem

Snakes can be warning signs of a bigger problem.  b2ap3_thumbnail_Rat-snake.jpg

Snakes in your yard, garage or basement can be an unsettling sight, but most aren’t dangerous.

Even though snakes aren’t usually dangerous to you or damaging to your home, they can be warning signs that you have a bigger problem: rodents.

Many rodents, like mice, rats, squirrels or chipmunks, have strong homing instincts and return to where they were born to mate. Larger species of snakes like to eat these rodents and will follow large populations into your yard and around your home.

Skyline Pest Solutions will remove unwanted snakes from your home or property, along with checking your home for problem entry points. Rodents can get into your home through cracks in the foundation, holes in siding or gaps under the roof, and then can quickly start reproducing and chewing on all kinds of things. Rodents’ teeth don’t stop growing as they get older; they keep them sharp by gnawing on materials like wood and wires.

Many homeowners use baits and traps to try to get rid of rodents, but these methods can cause even more issues. Once a rodent eats the poison, it becomes dehydrated and searches for water. Rodents living in your attic may try to travel through the walls to find water and often die before they can get outside, leading to major odor problems.

A qualified wildlife specialist can trap and remove the rodents from your home and make the necessary repairs to prevent rodents from re-entering in the future.

Specialists can also remove unwanted snakes from your property. Thankfully, most snakes in the metro Atlanta area aren’t venomous, with the exception of copperheads.

You can identify copperheads by their copper/brown coloring, gold or yellow hourglass markings and triangular-shaped heads. Baby copperheads look just like the adults, but will have yellow-tipped tails. Call a wildlife specialist immediately if you see a copperhead in your yard or house: do not try to remove it yourself.

For more information about snake or rodent control, contact Skyline Pest Solutions at 770-844-6440.

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