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The Importance of Termite Inspections and Preventative Treatment

Termite 3Most of the time, homeowners are worried about the big things—replacing the roof, installing new windows, repairing a crack in the foundation or fixing a front door that sticks. While all of these issues are important, sometimes the biggest threat to your home is also the smallest.

Termites are small creatures that can have a huge impact on your home. When termites get into your home, the damage can be impossible to see at first, because termites often start eating wood that cannot be seen from the outside. If the infestation is not addressed; however, the damage can begin to accumulate, leading to profound structural problems. Termites can not only eat wood siding, but they can also destroy support beams, windows frames and drywall. In some cases, termites have even damaged wood floors and cabinets.

One of the biggest problems with a termite infestation is that it is hard to detect until the damage has progressed substantially. Because of this, regular inspections and preventative termite treatment are critical to protect your home. During an inspection, a professional Skyline termite inspector look for signs of infestation that you may not be able to detect as well as conducive conditions that may make for a good living environment for termites. Our inspectors will recommend termite solutions, saving homeowners a lot of time, grief and money.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your risk of a termite infestation—removing conducive conditions. Because termites love moist places, it is important to divert water away from your home. Avoid using mulch or straw around the foundation of the home because these materials attract moisture. Changing exterior fixtures from wood to other materials can help, and all cracks in the foundation should be treated promptly.

These simple tips cannot guarantee that your house will be safe from termites, but they can definitely help. If you are homeowner in Dunwoody, Sandy Springs or any Atlanta metro area city, call Skyline to schedule your free termite inspection.

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