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Insects have the entire outdoors to call their home, yet they often claim residential interiors as part of their territory. Ants sneak through the smallest cracks to hunt for any crumb that you may have left behind, and silverfish cling to bathroom ceilings and stare at you from above. Even if you manage to rid your home of pesky invaders, you still have to deal with mosquitoes and other bothersome insects when relaxing outdoors. When pests have you surrounded, Skyline Pest Solutions has you covered.

Professional Pest Control in Canton

Residents throughout Canton deal with ants on a daily basis. When the ants aren't building mounds on sidewalks and driveways, they're forming lines on the way into your home. Because ants and termites have a similar appearance, you may want to seek professional assistance before treating the problem. Ants create pheromone trails as a way to communicate with members of their colony. When one ant finds a food source, such as a sticky spot in your kitchen, it sends signals through the pheromone trail and leads other ants to its location.

Though silverfish don't cause any physical harm, their presence in your bathroom may give you a shock. These creeping, crawling insects travel along the walls and on ceilings and can also be found in bathtubs and sinks. They're attracted to dark, moist places where they can drink and hide if necessary. Silverfish have a varied diet and will eat glue, linen, shampoo and cellulose within paper. If you see one silverfish, it could indicate more behind the walls and require professional pest control to eliminate the infestation.

Mosquitoes pose a serious threat to people and pets in Canton. These blood-sucking insects attack primarily in the summer months when people gather outdoors. When they pierce your skin, they not only withdraw blood but may also transmit diseases such as the West Nile virus and the Zika virus. Mosquitoes transmit heartworm to dogs and cats, causing serious illness and even death. Our Mosquito Reduction Program can help eliminate breeding sites, target the adults and their larvae and treat the entire infestation.

Canton Professional Pest Control

You don't have to battle mosquito, ant and silverfish infestations on your own. Contact Skyline Pest Solutions for a free estimate. We provide ongoing protection against the most invasive pest insects and can even perform special event treatments to ensure a pest-free outdoor occasion for you and your guests.