Atlanta Metro Cockroach Control

A cockroach sighting may be your first clue that you have an infestation of the bugs. In fact, you may never forget the sight of the creatures scurrying for cover in your kitchen or basement after you’ve flipped on the lights at night.

About Cockroaches

Several cockroach species could invade your home such as the American cockroach, brown-banded cockroach and smokybrown cockroach. The insects are frequently more than 2 inches long. They have six legs, two antennae and brown or black bodies. Some species have wings. The bugs usually live in warm climates, and a number of cockroach species are attracted to moist locales.

If you begin searching for the pests in your home, then look for their three development phases. Cockroaches hatch from an egg, so be sure to look for egg cases. A newly hatched cockroach is a nymph. It will feature the same color and body shape as an adult, but nymphs are small and wingless. Nymphs go through several molting stages before they become adult bugs, which is the third and last phase.

Home Damage and Signs

A cockroach infestation can produce an unpleasant smell. Furthermore, the bugs may stain fabric items with their feces. They also eat books, letters, curtains and wallpaper.

Cockroach Health Concerns

Cockroaches transmit several disease causing organisms such as parasitic worms, human pathogens and the type of bacteria that produces food poisoning. Their feces, dead bodies and saliva include allergen proteins that can cause sensitive people to have allergic reactions like an asthma attack.

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After you’ve seen a cockroach or a sign of them in your home, call Skyline Pest Solutions. We offer free pest elimination quotes along with a variety of eradication solutions. We’ll help you reclaim your home.