Decatur Pest Control

When pests descend on your Decatur home, it doesn't feel as comfortable or safe as it once did. That's true whether the pests cause harm or obvious damage or not. In the case of wildlife and termites, though, the damage and negative consequences tend to be quite apparent. One thing's for sure: Ignoring the problem isn't going to solve it.

Wildlife Control

As nice as it may be to live in close proximity of various types of wildlife, it's possible to have too much of a good thing. It's one thing to gaze out the window of your Decatur home to watch a woodpecker pecking happily away at a nearby tree and another thing entirely to have a raccoon set up residence inside your home. Snakes, skunks, bats, raccoons and other types of wildlife can be highly destructive. The longer they're able to live in your home, the tougher they are to eliminate. Access is typically gained through loose siding, missing attic vents, broken windows and other unsecured areas, but these pests are often initially attracted by pet food, garbage cans, vegetable gardens and bird feeders.

Termite Control

If you've noticed telltale signs of termites in your Decatur home, including mud tunnels in foundation walls and swarms of winged termites in the spring, chances are that you're dealing with Eastern Subterranean termites. Their love for cellulose, which is found in wood and all wood-related products, makes them very destructive house guests. They often find their way into homes by burrowing beneath nearby piles of debris or vegetation. They love moist conditions, so excessive moisture may be to blame as well.

Whether you're dealing with wildlife or termites in or near the home, time is of the essence. The longer you wait to get help, the likelier serious property damage is to occur. For prompt, effective termite and wildlife control in Decatur, turn to the experts at Skyline Pest Solutions. We're ready when you are, so give us a call now at 678-432-5464 for a free quote!