Foxes and Coyotes

Fox and Coyote removal experts

Foxes and coyotes are mostly nocturnal but can be active during the day. They are very adaptable depending on food availability. They both have 1 litter a year and numbers of offspring and times of breeding can vary greatly. Fox are more solitary animals than coyotes. Coyotes will pack up in larger numbers. They both will eat a wide variety of foods, and will often scavenge but primarily feed on smaller animals like rabbits and other rodents. These animals are becoming more of a problem for humans. They are moving into neighborhoods feeding on smaller pets and living in close quarters with us with no natural predators to keep their populations down. They are also approaching humans and becoming less scared of us in general. They both can carry rabies, just like any canine. These animals can be trapped and removed from an area but can be very time consuming and costly.