Groundhog removal experts

Groundhogs or Woodchucks are large rodents. They breed in late winter and have a litter ranging from 3-6 in the spring. They are primarily diurnal (active during the day) and they are herbivorous, eating a wide variety of plants. Groundhogs are diggers. They excavate tunnels and burrows underground, in which they live and raise their young. The main tunnel may have up to five entrances and 50 feet of total tunnel distance. They create a den to live in, and to hibernate in. Groundhogs are considered agricultural pests, since they love to eat a wide variety of crops. However, their burrowing habits often cause a bigger problem. Horses can break their legs by stepping into burrows, and when a groundhog digs under a house or deck, the removal of soil can undermine the foundation. If groundhogs are causing a problem they need to be trapped and removed from the property.