McDonough, GA Pest Control Services

The McDonough, GA community is known for its beautiful seasons that transform the landscape into an array of colors in the fall. However, the same weather that gives us those golden leaves also brings high levels of humidity throughout the entire year. Unfortunately, this often means an increase in pest control problems as the temperatures warm up for the summer. This year, be prepared for these following pests that seem to plague McDonough residents every season.


You may see moths flying around the lights in your home, but the worst ones tend to hide in darkened closets and pantries. Once there, moths will quickly set to work destroying your food and linens. Since moths are often found in less used corners of your home, there is usually a substantial infestation by the time they are noticed. To prevent moths, carefully inspect items that you bring into the home such as food, clothing and outdoors equipment. Once you find an infestation, treatment will be necessary along with a careful inspection and cleaning of any items that may be harboring larva or eggs.


Finding an errant tick in the winter is not uncommon in Georgia, but there is a definite increase in infestations once summer rolls around. These parasites are constantly searching for a host, but don’t think you can starve these little critters out. A tick can live for an entire year without a single feeding. The humidity and temperature levels in McDonough also create the ideal environment for ticks to achieve rapid growth. Similar to mosquitoes, ticks carry a wide range of diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease. Most home infestations begin when a tick hitches a ride on your clothing or pet. Once there, it seeks out a tiny crevice for laying their eggs, which can take many months to hatch. This is why many people think their tick problem is over only to have it start back up again. Professional treatment is the only way to know that you have eliminated a tick infestation for good.


Those springtime showers may bring Georgia’s most beautiful blooms, but they also create shallow pools of water that are the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Not only are these pests annoying, but they also pose a health risk for you and your pets. Recently, the Zika and West Nile viruses have been a hot topic in the news, and infected mosquitoes can transmit heartworms to your dog. Due to the serious health issues associated with mosquitoes, every homeowner should do their part to eliminate standing water around their home. When prevention doesn’t work, we have treatment methods available that will reduce mosquito populations by targeting their breeding sites and resting areas.

Life in this beautiful community gives you quick access to Atlanta and the opportunity to enjoy beautiful weather throughout most of the year. At Skyline Pest Solutions, we know how to keep the pests away so that you and your family can enjoy those lovely days. Whether you need a seasonal inspection or help eliminating an infestation, contact us so that our pest professionals can ensure that your property and family stay safe.