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Different types of termites enter the home in different ways. Drywood termites have wings, and they fly into your home through open doors, windows or even the vents. They also make their way in through the cracks. Subterranean termites, the most popular tyoe of termite found in Newnan and Georgia, live within the ground, and this is where they build their nests. They enter your home by constructing tubes that allow them to travel from the ground toward the wood sources of your home. Some subterranean termites have wings and are a dark color, but workers are lighter in color and wingless. A third type of subterranean termite has a long head and large jaws. 

Termites are extremely dangerous to you and your home because they eat wood. They may dine on your furniture, but they can also eat the wood within your walls. If they weaken the structure of your home, you may be forced to leave if the house is not strong enough to support you and your furniture. 


Mice can either be grey, brown or white. They have long whiskers and snouts shaped like triangles. They also have long ears. Rats are larger than mice and are hairless. They may be grey, brown, white or black and have scaly skin. Both of these types of rodents are nocturnal. 

An infestation of mice can be dangerous for the inhabitants of a house because their feces carry bacteria and viruses. Mice are also dangerous to your home because they like to gnaw on the electrical wiring, and this presents a fire hazard. Rats also carry many diseases, and if you are bitten or scratched by a rat, you have a chance of being infected with rat-bite fever. However, you don’t have to be bitten to contract this disease that can cause chills, fever and a rash.  

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