Opossum Control

Opossum removal experts

One of the strangest looking pests in the greater Atlanta area is the opossum, North America's only marsupial. This odd-looking creature is primarily nocturnal, but daytime sightings do occur. Opossums reproduce quickly, so one opossum can become multiple opossums in a very short period of time. These clever creatures can get into your home and wreak havoc with relative ease.

Opossums are scavengers, so these pests will approach homes to seek both food and shelter. Unsecured trash cans and uncovered pet food can attract opossums and other forms of unwelcome wildlife. It is important to cover any possible food source because the opossum diet is extremely varied. Additionally, many opossums will seek out attics and crawlspaces as warm and safe places to nest. The opossum is a skilled climber, so any trees that are close to the house can help an opossum find a way into your home. To prevent unwanted opossum entry, it is important to keep overhanging limbs away from the house. Once an opossum enters a home, professional removal is the only safe option.

An opossum on your property can cause a wide range of issues. If the opossum is dwelling in your attic or crawlspace, its scavenging and nesting behaviors might cause damage to your duct work, wiring, and other structural features. Additionally, opossum droppings can be a nuisance and a potential health hazard.

Opossum behavior can be unpredictable at times. When confronted with a potential predator, some opossums will "play possum" by pretending to be dead. During this involuntary behavior, the opossum will excrete a foul smell and pretend to be dead. It is very important not to handle the animal because it will eventually regain consciousness. 

A opossum can also become aggressive when it detects a threat. Many opossums will growl loudly and hiss when confronted by a human or other animal. Additionally, opossums can deliver a very painful bite. Any opossum bite should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected by a medical professional. Pets that have been bitten by an opossum should receive swift veterinary treatment.

If you have any concerns about opossum control, contact Skyline Pest Solutions for a free property inspection. Our wildlife experts specialize in wildlife removal. Additionally, Skyline Pest Solutions can help you identify areas of your home that might be enticing to a scavenging opossum.