Raccoon Control

Raccoons are nocturnal, wild animals that are often found in urban areas. With their noticeable “black mask” across their eyes, these cat-like animals can cause a lot of damage. Even though many people find raccoons cute, it is never smart to feed them.

Raccoon Damage

In the south, raccoons mate in the winter and search for suitable shelter to have their young. Raccoons are excellent climbers and they will find trees with overhanging branches to reach your roof. Many times, mother raccoons will use their strong and dexterous paws to tear through a roof to gain access to an attic. Once inside, raccoons are known to rip through insulation and ducts as they make a nest for their offspring. Besides being noisy, raccoon families will leave behind urine and feces while they are in your home.

Raccoons can also damage other areas around your house as they hunt for food. You might find garbage cans tipped over, pet food containers destroyed or your garden picked over. If you do have outdoor pets, raccoons will defend themselves if attacked. Unfortunately, your pet could get seriously hurt from raccoon bites or scratches.

Potential Diseases

Roundworms can be found in raccoon feces and if not handled properly can become a health concern. Raccoons can also be carriers for several diseases including:

  • Rabies – Rabies is the most likely disease related to these wild animals. If your pet or anyone in your family gets bitten by a raccoon, seek medical attention right away. 
  • Tick-related diseases – Raccoons can carry ticks which cause Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Tick Paralysis. 
  • Flea-related diseases – Fleas can also travel on raccoons and spread diseases with their bites like Typhus and Bubonic Plague. 

Raccoon Prevention 

If you do have a problem with raccoons in and around your home, here are a few tips to get rid of these animals.

1. Securely fasten the lids on any food containers or garbage cans.
2. If you do have pets, keep their food and water inside if at all possible. 
3. Install motion-activated lights around the outside of your home. Raccoons are sensitive to bright lights.
4. Look around the outside of your home for any overhanging branches where raccoons can gain access to your roof.

Contact the Raccoon Removal Experts

At Skyline Pest Solutions, we provide quality wildlife removal services for our clients in the greater Atlanta area. Our experienced team will safely remove the wildlife from our home and property, identify and repair any entry points. If you are concerned about raccoons around your home, contact Skyline Pest Solutions today for a free evaluation.