Residential Services

residentialYour home is typically your largest investment. Whether you’re raising a family or making it your own special oasis, it’s a place for protection – a place where you can feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. However, everyday threats like pests can put a damper on a feeling of home, not to mention potentially posing structural and health-related hazards.

Protecting Your Investment

From ants to rodents, your feelings of security can vanish at the sight of a single pest. With hot summers, mild winters and lots of humidity, Georgia is a pest’s paradise. But that doesn’t mean our homes have to be. Stay protected from the worst of Georgia’s uninvited guests with these services from Skyline.

Pest Control

With a range of pests in Georgia, getting rid of them may require specialized treatments and professional knowledge. Our technicians are pros at reducing any Georgia pest population you may face – from fleas to cockroaches and everything in-between. Learn more about the pest control services we offer near you.

Termite Control

Termites cost Georgia homeowners hundreds of millions of dollars annually. They are the most prevalent wood-destroying organism in our region and have been deemed “silent destroyers.” Despite the significant amount of damage termites cause, they go largely undetected – until it’s too late. There are approximately 10-13 Eastern subterranean termite colonies per acre in Georgia, meaning the probability of their presence is not in your favor. Make sure you’re protected from termites before the damage gets out of hand.

Mosquito Reduction

Much like termites, mosquitoes thrive on our warm weather and humidity. Mosquito populations can skyrocket in our weather’s conducive conditions. Because they can lay up to 100 eggs at a time, the best way to control mosquitoes in Georgia is to prevent them in the first place. Learn more about our professional mosquito control services today.

P2 Perimeter Protection

Because pests rarely infest just once, our P2 (Perimeter Protection) Program keeps your home protected from pest threats all year long. With quarterly inspections and as-needed services, you don’t have to worry about pests causing you trouble at any point. And with regularly scheduled visits, our preventative treatments will keep you consistently in the clear. Find out more about what’s included in our P2 Program.

Wildlife Removal and Exclusion

Squirrels, rats and other wildlife may seem cute – until they get into your home. Wildlife can ravage your home, tear up insulation, build nests, and generally cause damage to your property. Wildlife are responsible for millions of dollars in damage every year. They’re hard to remove once settled, and potentially dangerous to confront. Count on our Wildlife Removal and Exclusion experts to not only take care of the problem, but clean up and seal entry points, too.

Pest Control Attic Insulation

Insulation was developed to keep the hot and cold air out. But our insulation isn’t just great for energy savings – it acts as pest control and added fire resistance. Our insulation is eco-friendly and offers pest protection too. Learn more about our insulation services to see if it’s the right choice for your home.

Scheduling Your Residential Service

Every day, exterior pressures threaten your peaceful way of life. At Skyline, we take protecting your home seriously. Our technicians are experienced and our processes are innovative. Whether you’re dealing with pests, or want to prevent them altogether, contact us today for a free inspection!