Atlanta Rodent Control

Rodents can get into your home in ways that you may not expect. Their flexible bodies can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. There are numerous open entries and vulnerable places around the rooflines and foundations that can easily allow admittance. Trees that overhang a home or office building provide access to these open entries and vulnerable places that may allow them to enter. Professional removal and excluding your home (closing off open entry points) is the best and safest approach to eradicating rodents.

Scratching sounds in your walls and ceiling

Once inside your home, rats can travel within the walls of your house, causing unseen damage. They travel so quickly, making holes in walls and pantries to steal food for their nests. While you are relaxing at home, they have free run of your house from the basement to the attic.  Rodents chew to keep their incisors sharp and will chew on wood, wires and almost anything they can find in your home.

When you suspect that you have rats in your house, you must take immediate action to protect the health of your family. Getting inside is no problem for them, but getting rid of them is not a task that you want to do alone. Spring loaded rat traps are dangerous to set, and you have a dead rodent to dispose of if they work.

A myth about rat poison is that poisons will make rats leave your home to find water—this is misleading.  Rat poison usually succeeds in driving a dying creature between the walls where it creates a smell so awful that you cannot stand it. Rats and mice are intent on staying in your home, and it takes professional knowledge and experience to succeed in ridding your home of these unwanted guests.

Understanding Health Hazards caused by Rats & Mice

Serious diseases can result from rat bites, scratches, saliva and urine, and fleas can transfer rodent-borne contagion to humans. Cardiovascular problems can result from contact, and damage to liver and kidneys is often a consequence. Rat droppings and dander can produce allergic reactions as well.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention one of the most common diseases that can occur is hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS). A respiratory disease that affects humans who have rodents in their homes, HPS is a severe condition that is sometimes fatal. Other diseases directly transmitted by rodents include hemorrhagic fever, Lassa fever and leptospirosis.

Taking Aggressive Action

At Skyline, we offer a free evaluation to assess the presence of wildlife in your home or office building. Your uninvited guests may include raccoons, squirrels and opossums that may need eradication as well. With our free inspection and evaluation of your property, we are able to identify the problem and make the appropriate recommendations for keeping your home pest and wildlife free.