Sentricon® System with Always ActiveTM Technology

Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technologySubterranean termites cost homeowners in Georgia hundreds of million dollars annually. Based on the Termite Infestation Probability (TIP) Zone, termites in Georgia are considered very likely, and the damage they cause is significant. Located in TIP Zone #1, Georgia’s higher probabilities for termites require stricter measures to meet building standards for new homes, and often, termite damage is not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Termites are an unrelenting pest everywhere, but especially in Georgia, homeowners must ensure their property is protected. That’s why Skyline offers the Sentricon® System with Always ActiveTM Technology for termite elimination.

About the Sentricon system

The Sentricon system is an effective treatment option for eliminating termites at the source. Unlike other termite products which only target individual termites, this environmentally-responsible system eradicates the entire termite colony. Sentricon has been eliminating termite colonies for decades and has earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award due to its low impact on the environment. Protecting millions of structures, including national landmarks like the White House and Statue of Liberty, this system is tried-and-true in eliminating damaging termites.

How Sentricon Works

From the moment our Skyline technicians install the system, it offers continuous protection. The Sentricon termite elimination system is comprised of strategically-placed stations throughout your property. These stations contain Recruit® HD termite bait, a highly dense and durable type of cellulose that termites prefer – even over the wood in your home. Termites are attracted to – and feed on – this bait and bring it back to their nest, where they share it with the rest of their colony, causing a colony-wide eradication.

As a termite colony Trojan horse, the Recruit® HD bait is not only effective, but environmentally conscious. Compact in nature, the bait remains in the Sentricon stations without threatening your soil or the environment. And because it’s designed to stay in the ground for many years, your home will stay protected.

The Complete No-Mess Termite Solution

At Skyline, we believe in efficiency and effectiveness. The Sentricon system does both. In using this treatment, our technicians will start by inspecting your property and identifying the best places for station installations around your home – typically every 10 to 15 feet around your perimeter. Sitting flush with the ground, your curb appeal won’t be affected – in fact, most guests may never know a powerful termite-deterrent is working beneath your lawn.

There’s no drilling in the floors or the foundation, no digging or trenching your landscape and no harsh chemical injections into your soil. You also don’t have to worry about scheduling hassles; we set it, inspect it once annually to ensure the bait is working properly and let Sentricon do the rest.

Sentricon System with Always Active Technology:

  • Protects your home against damaging termite colonies
  • Includes continuous baiting and regular inspections
  • Minimizes drilling and other invasive processes to your property
  • Has been approved by the EPA’s Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative and is environmentally-responsible
  • Involves a convenient monitoring and inspection schedule, as there’s no need for us to come inside your home


Go Termite-Free with Skyline Pest Solutions

Trust your home and property to Skyline and the Sentricon system. Our technicians will expertly install the system and perform continued inspections and maintenance. Sentricon will protect you, your home, and your family from the costly damage termites cause, and we’ll provide the support you need every step of the way. From monitoring termite activity to refilling stations when needed, the Sentricon elimination system is your long-lasting shield from termites.

Our Exclusive Termite Protection Includes:

  • Comprehensive protection using baiting stations
  • A $1,000,000 Repair Warranty (for qualifying homes)
  • Long-term protection from continuous baiting
  • Renewable service agreements for ongoing protection
  • Compliance with all state and EPA requirements

Contact Us Today!

Our termite specialists are familiar with the increased risks that Georgia faces in TIP Zone #1. Between our informative and thorough technicians and the Sentricon termite elimination system, you’ll rest easy knowing your Georgia home is protected from subterranean termite colonies, from the moment the baiting stations are installed and for years to come. Contact us today to schedule your inspection and start living both worry- and termite-free.


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