Woodstock Pest Control

Count on Skyline Pest Solutions to tackle any pest issues plaguing your home in the Woodstock, Georgia, area. If you have questions or concerns about mosquitos, termites or fleas, our experts have the answers that you need and the training and equipment to address your pest problem effectively.


Most people recognize the mosquito's high-pitched whine and have experienced the itchy, red welt that its bite leaves behind. However, many people don't realize that these flying insects actually eat nectar. In fact, the male mosquito doesn't bite. Unfortunately, the female mosquito more than makes up for his restraint; she requires blood to produce eggs and will seek it diligently during her two-week life span, turning your outdoor spaces into her hunting ground and making it nearly impossible to enjoy your time outside. These insects breed in standing water, so ditches, ponds, pools, birdbaths and even puddles can open the door to an infestation. More than an annoyance, mosquito bites can be health hazards. Mosquitos spread a wide assortment of diseases, including West Nile virus, malaria, dengue fever and encephalitis. 


Termites strike fear into the heart of homeowners, and they thrive in Georgia. A subterranean insect that lives in colonies, they look like thick-waisted ants and feed on cellulose, a component of wood and products derived from wood. What signs warn of a termite infestation? If you see a termite swarm in the spring, realize that a wooden structure has begun to sag, discover damaged wood, notice pencil-sized mud tubes on sheetrock or the foundation, or find small, papery wings littering your countertops or window sills in the late spring, you may have a termite problem. It's vital that you seek professional extermination services without delay. In their search for food, termites can be incredibly destructive. If allowed to flourish unchecked, they can actually damage the structural integrity of your home.


Minuscule but mighty, fleas are tiny insects that spend their lives on a host who serves as a source of both shelter and food. Wild and domestic animals and people can be hosts, and fleas can enter a home on a pet, a person, a pant leg or a shoe. Reddish brown or black in color, they have flat bodies and powerful legs that can launch them as high as 8 feet into the air. Their lives are short, typically lasting less than two years, but they reproduce prolifically. Each female flea can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime. Because different approaches are required to eliminate fleas at each stage of their life cycle, it can be difficult for homeowners to eradicate them without the assistance of a professional. Their bites are itchy and painful and can cause major issues for any person or animal unlucky enough to be allergic to their saliva. Worse, flea bites can carry dangerous bacteria. In fact, fleas are known to spread the bubonic plague; thankfully, that deadly illness is rare today.

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